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On Tuesday, Mrs Windsor  delivered her annual Christmas Day speech from Buckingham Palace.
Or as Ireland’s T.T.E put it.
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Whatever your views on the monarchy  it has turned out to be a P.R. disaster
Sitting in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the Queen, 92, spoke of her gratitude for the armed services as well as her growing family while also
 stressing the importance of respecting others and celebrating differences.
While most applauded the holiday message, many were distracted by the Queen’s opulent gold piano.
Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire said the Queen had killed satire by “lecturing the nation to pull together” while sitting in front of a golden piano in a palace she was charging taxpayers to renovate.
Scottish National Party politician James Dornan also pilloried her message suggesting a singalong on the gold piano might cheer up those hungry and sleeping on the streets.
As one news outlet put it 

The way the Queen funds her activities, what she personally owns and what is owned by the public, is complex.
Taxpayers fund her activities including a planned renovation of Buckingham Palace (which is not her personal property) through the Sovereign Grant, which is funded from profits generated by the huge commercial property business owned by the reigning monarch but only while she is Queen.
In 2017/18, the Crown Estate generated a profit of £329.4 million ($A588 million) and this money was given to the UK Treasury, the BBC reported.
A portion of this money, about £47.4 million ($A84 million), was provided as a grant to the Queen to fund her duties and maintenance of the royal palaces.
The gold piano is part of the Royal Collection, an art collection made up of more than one million objects owned by the British royal family. The Queen owns some of the objects as a private individual but others are owned in the right of the Crown .
The gold piano is not actually made of gold but is mahogany, painted and gilt in gold. Queen Victoria commissioned the piano in 1856 and it was recently went through a 12-month restoration to clean it of surface dirt, which covered many parts of its decoration.

By the way right of the Crown actually means us.I can’t help wondering that maybe it’s part of plan to “Unite the Nation” after Brexit with a abdication followed by a 2020 coronation.

it would see Mr Windsor give a farewell address next Christmas as  perpetration for Carlo’s coronation begins in the following  summer expunging all memories of the 2018 disaster.

It could possibly then see British Nationalism and the Union being a non-stop media frenzy and forestalling a  Second Scottish Independence  Referendum being called.

2019 will undoubtedly see a the UK state after Brexit and the following economic disaster desperate for some kind of jamboree to divert our anger. What better they will think than a coronation.
The current incumbent 1953 was conducted whilst we still under some rationing, meat and all other food rationing ended in Britain a year later.
So my first prediction for 2019, will see a announcement that the Queen will announce her 
intention to abdicate.