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Hello there. hope you’re feeling well today.Well it’s Christmas Eve. One of the few days in these holiday two weeks that I actually have off. I don’t expect sympathy. I’ve made it clear in this blog that I’m not exactly Mr Christmas.

I’ll chat about Christmas day in a future post. For today though I just want to spend the day doin’ nothin’.

I’m of an age where Christmas Eve is just a day. Perhaps the necessity of some preparation for the following day’s festivities makes it a little different…..but not that much.

It is as I’m starting to write this 7:28am in the morning and I’m on the laptop. Nothing really else to do at the moment. And it’s still dark out there.

I was awake by the way at 5:25am. Feeling sleepy now (8:14). No matter will set alarm for 9:30 then have to leave house for my only (short) journey of the day. It’s to pay my council tax at the local post office. Get it over with. It’s a small place.The door is open and the postmaster has wrapped himself in a coat.

That reminds me I need to get the deicer with me for tomorrow morning. Just in case.I

Come home and write mother’s Christmas card. She’s coming today. That’s done.My choice of suitable cards for anything is simple. Is it stupid? If the answer is no then it’s bought. Just like their hunt for clothes women spend too long looking for that suitable card in my opinion.

11:45. Daughter/wife have gift. It’s a shirt. We’re spending Christmas day at brother in Law’s. They want me to look “smart”. It fits. Trouble is apparently only blue jeans are suitable for this shirt when only a few days back we had agreed on Black jeans and she’d pick the top from my wardrobe (who says I don’t give i at Christmas? ) Now in the last minute she/they want to change things? Women and clothes for en. Another thing in the long list of female related things I don’t understand.

Time to wrap the Christmas presents. Yes I know it’s late but there we are. I must say I’m not the greatest here. If wrapping is an art then I’m without question Picasso.

Then an argument ensues as to what Christmas film to watch on Netflix. The wife is the one who really cares. Regular readers will guess I don’t. The choice eventually comes down to me as neutral arbiter and person who just wants to get it over with. I pick Jack Frost starting Michael Keaton.

(An aside my daughter has a weird memory.She ha s no idea where she put her glasses but knows the name of the character he played in the Spider man movie we saw last year!)

Anyway we don’t finish it. My mother arrives as does some friends. There’s dinner followed by people (including me) watching YouTube videos of kids being wild when presents are opened and Christmas trees being toppled.

I didn’t laugh. I was too busy trying to stay awake.

It’s 7:30 in the evening. I’m working Christmas morning so I need to escape.

I did nothin….well almost….and I did it well

Until the next time.