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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Yesterday in moment at work where there was nothing to do I noticed a copy of The Times Saturday magazine on it’s lonesome and out of curiosity opened it.

On the inside cover there was an ad for a Rolex watch A Rolex “Cosmograph Daytona” to be precise (whatever that means).

You know sometimes in life questions emerge in your brain as if jolted by something you’ve seen. This was the case for me here. The question (as revealed in this post title) is simple. Watches…why?

Now before I go on I’m not talking about those people who collect watches. I might not understand the collection but I get the passion for collecting. Similarly I’m not talking about those who wear an expensive watch for special occasions in the same way men used to wear cufflinks (remember them?). No I’m talking about wearing it in the not so wonderful Brexit eve everyday.

I recently read an article which said that John Lewis were no longer going to stock alarm clocks because people used their mobile phones for that purpose (it also said they were no longer going to stock DVD players either which seemed odd to me given that not everywhere has high speed broadband but that’s by the by). I get that. I use my mobile for that very purpose.

And I also use it as a watch.

Being old enough to remember when mobile phones didn’t exist, let alone when they were small enough for you to put in a pocket, I can tell you that wearing a watch wasn’t great. It felt like you were being handcuffed to time. I remember when returning home from school/work my first action would always be to take it off. Now however I just take my mobile out of my pocket, check the time and then put it back. Simple.

What about the Apple watch and the like you might ask? What about it? I don’t care how tech savvy you are paying for a bill contactlessly by watch makes you look like an idiot.

So if watch sales are down (I don’t know and care less) then good. Let watches be put on the curiosities of history along with the sun dial.

And if you so happen to look for a group of hitmen from Switzerland trying to hunt me down they’d be easy to spot.

They’ll be wearing Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas.

Until the next time.