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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.There comes those days where you’re not at work for the first time in eons. The weather is rubbish. You have a cough and a sore throat that your daughter has kindly given you as a pre Christmas treat. There is nothing to do. You have no other option but to go through the pile of mail that work has stopped you looking properly at previously.

I remember writing about this before almost at the beginning of this blog. Being inspired by the playwright Arnold Wesker who wrote about the excitement of receiving post. Emails of course replaced a lot of the post when I wrote the first (irony is coming) “post” (there I told you) on this and even more now of course.

So in my critically ill state (being a man of course) let’s begin…..

Bank statement: It’s a bank statement. We’re surviving. Of course it’s still Brexit eve.

Simply Be Christmas Catalogue: Thankfully not the wife’s or indeed daughter’s given that they provide fashion for the larger lady but sent today to the wrong address. Good. They would kill me if I suggested otherwise!

Bonmarche Bonus Club: Definitely the wife’s. Not even sure why she didn’t bother to open the envelope. Anyway for her to deal with.

Tesco Clubcard Savings (Just for me!!) : My name on the card but we all know who will want the Christmas coupons!

And then I had a sleep. This cold, sore throat and cough is not great. And I won’t describe the mucus coming out of my throat.

But anyway…

HM Revenue & Customs: No I haven’t been a naughty boy trying to pay tax. Don’t be silly I’m definitely not rich enough to avoid that. No it’s that the Welsh Labour Government will setting a Welsh income tax from next year. (But there will still b a UK one). So on the one side that will be a good thing. More powers to Wales and all that. On the other Welsh Labour will be dealing with it. And as we know Welsh Labour at whatever level run things with arrogant incompetence. So the omens are not good.

Swansea Grand Theatre Winter – Spring Leaflet: Speaks for itself really. Nothing really springs out though I note Peter Andre is doing a “25 year tour”. You would have thought the audience would have gotten parole by now.

PPI :Well now a date has been set for the scandal to finish companies really are throwing leaflets at it. Not sure what to do here. Will chat with the wife.

Hilarys : The blinds/curtains people. Personally never understood why they advertise so much given it’s a one off purchase. Anyway junk mail binned.

Specsavers: More than a one off purchase I know. But otherwise ditto the above. Binned.

McCarthy & Stone Retirement Homes: I may not be young. But I’m not that old yet. Binned.

I’d go further. But to be honest under the weather has turned into a full storm. Time to leave it for another day.

Until the next time.