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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As a  nation the Welsh do appear to be pro royalty. The crowds are there when they deign to appear and when a royal wedding occurs it’s women find it completely natural to watch someone else’s nuptials. Even using the DVR If needed ( wasting valuable space for sport!)

However irony of ironies it is the Welsh who have been probably least served by the Royal Family than any other country in Great Britain.It is Wales where the case for it to be a republic after independence is probably the greatest.

Let’s chat about the two arguments used in favour of keeping a monarchy.

1) It benefits the tourist industry.

Here’s a fact : Wales has no royal palaces (There was a recent proposal to create one but that comes from the sort of roasting thinking that renames a bridge after the current heir to the throne.But for the moment that’s the position.

So there are no (insert palace here) in Wales. Which means that whatever the reason people come to Wales royalty would not be the reason.

2) They help market British business.

Welsh industry is in a precarious position at the moment. Only yesterday it was announced that a factory in Llanelli will be closed down because of “Brexit uncertainty” . Probably the first of many if there’s at the very least  no way with the EU.

So in other words if the Royals are marketing Wales then they’re not doing a good job about it.

Therefore the only long term solution is for Wales to be a republic after independence.

In the short term though perhaps a formula could be worked out for Wales where it receives a rebate in the amount it needs to pay royalty should it not receive any net benefit. That rebate should be added to the Welsh government budget.

Then it might be useful.

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