The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has slammed the First Minister for his ‘ignorant’ and ‘lazy’ response to questions on last weekend’s devastating floods in Wales.

During today’s First Minister’s questions, Paul Davies AM highlighted the lack of lack of priority given by Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government’s cuts to flood defence spending as two significant factors behind the extent of the devastation.

Mr Davies went on to reveal that the Welsh Government had slashed spending on flood defences between 2015/16 and 2016/17 by almost 50% – from £18 million to £9.5 million.

However, in response to the questions, Carwyn Jones continually denied responsibility and avoided speaking about Wales altogether, even arguing that flooding was ‘difficult to prevent’.

Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Davies said:

“Unfortunately Wales has an unaccountable First Minister who is ignorant of all responsibility. 

“It’s so easy for the Welsh Government to blame its failings on the UK Government and ‘unpreventable’ weather, but the buck has to stop here.

“The people and businesses that have lost their livelihoods to the flooding won’t accept the classic ‘whataboutery’ as an excuse.

“This was a lazy response from a First Minister who no longer cares for the damage that his Government is causing.”