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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I’ve been away to see my mother in Essex for the past two days. And for reasons I won’t bore you with I’ve neither had the time or the connection to make a post whilst I was there.

It’s good to be back I  Wales. Though the journey took six hours to complete from it’s usual three and a half. Mainly due to an accident between junctions 13 and 14 of the M4 where the resulting traffic was stopped and then moved slowly for about an hour. You know how bad an accident is when the electronic roadsigns mention an air ambulance.

When I eventually passed the scene of the accident on the other side of the motorway a van was mangled as if tossed away by a petulant child. And there was a truck. I don’t remember much of the truck except that the windscreen was completely smashed.

I felt my jaw drop. Makes you think you know.

Whilst I was away two things happened in Wales that made me want to put finger to keyboard. The first was the vote in the Senedd upholding the Welsh government’s decision to allow the dumping of nuclear mud from Hinckley Point to Cardiff Bay.

I’ve chatted about this issue many times before in this blog. So I won’t go into great detail here. But what I will say is that this decision marks the last by Carwyn Jones and the latest by Welsh Labour. After all not taking into account the consequences if the science is wrong has made the people of Cardiff and the surrounding areas possibly subject to radioactive Russian roulette.

And even if the science is right that does not absolve Welsh Labour. They were prepared to let people be subjected to this risk and have shown they treat them with arrogance bordering on contempt. Politically I suspect this issue will not die as Welsh Labour will hope. Plaid Cymru will see to that.

Secondly near where I live there is a Vale of Glamorgan Council proposal to put a gypsy site. This seemingly has aroused local opposition as there was a meeting on Wednesday to discuss this and plan how to defeat it.

Now I will not make any insinuations about this meeting. Given that I wasn’t there and I haven’t seen any reports about this. But I’ll say this. I’m not in principle against the site. But the gypsy community will need to make sure no incidents can be traced to anyone in the site.

For after all let’s talk hypotheticals. Let’s say the site is allowed. It will take only one incident, no matter how trivial involving someone in the Gypsy community and we all know that UKIP, with it’s leader in Wales Mr Creepy, will try and exploit it.

And if history tells us anything a “Them and Us” scenario will not be good for anyone.

Until the next time.