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The Unionist reaction to Plaid’s new leader Adam Price was of course predictable

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    What nonsense. Under new management Plaid’s answer to the isolationism of Brexit is more isolationism for Wales. Independence has next yo no support in the Rhondda.
  2. At least Plaid are being honest under new management about their aim of carving Wales out of the UK. Though the logic of responding to Brexit isolationism by isolating Wales within the UK too is lost on me. As, no doubt, it would be on the people of Wales.

Both Chiris Bryant Owen Smith are ardent Remainers and presumably accept thet Brexit would be a disaster for the UK, If they were “honest”howsoever they would surely admit Wales is likely to suffer the most from Brexit.

What therefore do they expect us to do.

  1.  Wait for a Labour government to come to power and for the first time see to it that Wales gets it just deserts in funding?
  2. Have a  Welsh Assembly Parlimentry  Government that as real powers to tackle Brexit disastrous effect on our economy?
  3. Carry on with the Tories and devise Wales into two “Powers Houses” where the north and south are annexed to English Regions.

Of course the “Leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly” had his two pence.

It’s hard to keep up with 🤦, Leader of the reacts to the call from for Welsh independence READ MORE HERE:

The fact that Paul Davies isn’t even given the Title of Welsh Leader proves he is regarded as little more than a glorified a glorified Community Councillor proves what his London masters,regard Wales not as a Nation. in fact not even as  a region.

All three Unionist will be happy to sell out Wales to their London Masters and do they best to argue about Wales being Isolated,  When we already isolated from the richness of London and the South East.

They will offer us  nothing new but they will accuse those who seek to rejoin the European Union in our own right.

Wales, may have voted for Remain , but if the majority want to now  Remain in the EU or rejoin in a few years ,all the Unionists  Party’s , will tell us we will have to wait for England to decide.

The fact is that Ten years after Brexit,if we are not on the road to independence, then we will be on another road too security,