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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As a reader I really don’t mind fiction when nothing dramatic happens. In the hands of great writer it’s still interesting and moving (Katherine Mansfield springs to mind).

But there are two exceptions to that. One is where nothing really happens until the final few chapters. Where everything including the kitchen sink appears to be thrown in. The other, and the example I’m going to chat about here, is where there is a big reveal and all you feel like doing is metaphorically shrugging you shoulders.

So the novel taken from the library is this one.

From A Distance – Raffaella Barker

The plot (remember I’m always as vague as possible on plots as to try not to spoil things for the reader) is at it’s essence relationships in two periods. One from after the second world war and the other in the present day and how they are linked. Set in Cornwall and Norfolk. Both judging by this too boring to visit.

I think my essential problem with this novel is that when I started reading it I’d assumed, for want of a better phrase, that it was a “popular women’s fiction” sort of book. Then as I went on I realised my original assumptions were wrong. It was trying to be more serious than that. Too me though it didn’t succeed at either. I left it feeling bored.

In fact the only truly dramatic thing that happened to this novel was me turning the page just to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Judging by the reviews at the back of the cover I’m in the minority. A review called it “dreamy”. That’s almost true.

It almost cured me of my insomnia

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