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Plaid Cymru’s calls for independence are ‘out of touch’ with the people of Wales, according to the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

Paul Davies AM said the calls were ‘hypocritical’ of a Party who cry for ‘more certainty in one week, and then want complete economic chaos in the next’.

The statement was made in response to the announcement by the Leader of Plaid Cymru that ‘independence must be on the table’ after Brexit.

Responding to the announcement, the Welsh Conservative Leader said:

“One week they’re calling for more certainty, the next they want complete economic chaos. It’s hard to keep up with Plaid Cymru.

“Wales voted to leave the European Union, not the United Kingdom, yet this party tries to keep Wales in the EU, and drag it out of the UK? This seems a bit hypocritical to me.

“Brexit provides an opportunity to reinvent and strengthen the United Kingdom and that’s exactly what we should be focusing on. 

“This nationalist campaign shows a Party of Wales that are out of touch with the people of Walesâ€�.