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Pot Noddles and the Devil`s music hatred amd intolerance from then to now…….
What is happening to us. Wales turning racist? or has it allways been so.. Here is a picture taken in Swansea museum condemning Jazz as the Devils music. Swansea museum of their ‘jazz in south wales’ display.The text on the photo can be read if you zoom in. You can read of local opposition to jazz in the swansea valley in the photo text, but some accompanying text in the museum display also mentions ministers in local welsh chapels in Altwen and Pontardawe condemning Jazz and warning their parishioners. The 20s and the 30s were a period of rising nationalism, of looking inwards and blaming the other. A bit like now if you like……
Members of Britain First have been in the Welsh mountains holding what they described as an “activist training camp�.

A dozen people took part in the camp in the mountains of Snowdonia, where they said they learned things including self-defence, martial arts, knife defence, survival techniques, rough camping and mountain climbing. I hope the pot Noddles are “British”…..