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In recent years it became increasingly dispiriting to go to gigs and hear yet another young Ed Sheeran or Laura Marling wannabe. So it is refreshing to see so many young bands emerging from Wales this year. Admittedly most of them have strong influences and antecedents that stretch back to the music of their parents and in many cases their grand parents. However,  when you’re influences are the likes of the Who, Small Faces and T.Rex that is no bad thing. The Rotanas debut single “Man for the Jobâ€� isn’t exactly a polite calling card whereby they humbly announce their presence. Rather it is a case of the band kicking open doors to let you know they have arrived and they mean business. Is it original? Who cares! It is a wonderful smash and grab slice of hi octane, exuberant rock n roll. The Rotanas have arrived.