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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I am going to mention a spoiler on this latest library book though not much of a spoiler given that it was mentioned on the inside cover of the book. Still, you have been warned.

This was the book

Francoise Malby-Anthony – An Elephant In My Kitchen

This was the sequel to The Elephant Whisperer (which I haven’t read). The original book told the story of how Ms Malby-Anthony (who is French) met and married a South African. How she moved there where they set up a Safari park.

The spoiler is that her husband died of a heart attack.

What that means is that her life had to change. Instead of a partnership she was the boss with all the responsibilities and pressures that brought.

It makes the book different from any other animal book. There are the cute elephant (and rhino)stories but the emotional and business pressures her circumstances brought upon her are not shied away from as well.

And as Doctor Who might have the Daleks Ms Malby-Anthony has enemies which permeate throughout the book. Poachers and Hunters. The thing about them which surprised me was that they were sophisticated as they were brutal.

So it’s a few notches above the average animal book because it includes elements beyond what you would normally expect. For that reason I would recommend it to animal lovers and (if separate) book lovers alike.

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