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Nation Cymru are on the ball when they tell us  that ITV Wales has been criticised after Katie Hopkins claimed that she had been interviewed by the broadcaster about her anti-Welsh language views.
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood criticised the decision after Katie Hopkins published a tweet saying she had been interviewed for S4C show ‘Y Byd yn ei Le’ about the Welsh language.
‘Y Byd yn ei Le’ is a Welsh language current affairs programme hosted by Guto Harri, the BBC’s former Chief Political Correspondent and Boris Johnson’s Communication Director when he was Mayor of London.
Mr Harri has form in this, he recently interviewed Rod Little after he made derogatory remarks about Wales and her language . A interview I found a bit to chummy,
Ms Hopkins of course was delighted to , get a chance to reignite the flames of her ignorance
She Tweeted

Good to spend time with @ITVWales – urging the Welsh Government to focus on its failing schools rather than Catch up on ‘Y Byd yn ei Le’ – & hear my challenge to @LeanneWood to sit our Welsh, Maths & English GCSEs together.

I don’t know if Ms Hopkins is unaware that Leanne had a English medium education or what?
Leanne Wood said.

“Giving airtime to someone who attacks our culture and our efforts to promote it is not ‘freedom on speech’,� Leanne Wood said.“It is cheap sensationalism that gives oxygen to a dangerous hatemonger.�

 and to his everlasting credit Leighten Amdrews the man she beat to win the Rhondda Assembly seat tweeted

Media critic Dr Nia Edwards-Behi said that she was “nauseated� by the news.

“If ITV, S4C and Y Byd yn ei Le have really worked with Katie Hopkins and plan on giving her air time then everyone involved should be categorically ashamed of themselves and the media structure in this country needs razing to the ground,� she said.

“As a Welshwomen, and especially as a mixed-race Welshwomen, I’m fed up of the fact that we’re given this hate preacher airtime and the thought that our national broadcaster has given her a platform nauseates me.�

Was Katie Hopkins paid for this interview if so how much ? ITV and S4C may argue that it guaranteed an increased numbers of viewers including 
Our very own cymrophobe Jaques Priotic of course supported Ms Hopkins

Watch the S4C tonight 21.30 This will be the 2nd time ever that I’ll tune into the S4C Last time to listen to Llangennech parents whose kids were deprived of English Medium Education. S4C is the usual platform to hide the sordid truth from the main audience who never watch te S4C.
ITV/S4C have a duty to explain why they have reignited the pathetic attempts of a racist commentator to attack our language,