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The Blog  Left Foot Forward should rename it self Left Hand Down a Bit after the hapless Lieutenant Phillips in the Navy Lark who keeps issue that order, which inevitably leads to his ship crashing.
They have recently given space to Stephen Kinnock scion of the beloved Neil and MP for Aberavon despite possibly having been there before his nomination.

This Labour Party conference takes place with Parliament in deadlock. Amid the risk of a cliff-edge ‘no deal’ looming, Theresa May is struggling to win a parliamentary majority for any kind of Brexit.Yet despite the Tories’ incompetence, the polls remain neck and neck. Our party has failed to make any progress since the 2017 election, when in truth we should be streets ahead.
So, why aren’t we enjoying an unassailable lead? The anti-Semitism crisis is clearly part of the answer to that question, but the truth is that our party’s challenges run far deeper.

So what is his solution

But in the longer term our party must fundamentally change its mind-set and worldview if we are to truly re-connect with our Communitarian roots. In our book we set out the Six Seismic Shifts that we believe Labour must make, if we are to re-build trust and support in our Communitarians heartlands:

1. We must promote our common values every bit as much as diversity, if we are to help different groups understand each other.

 What does that mean ? It appears to be similar to the attacks on Leanne Wood over Niche politics, there’s no argument to abandon diversity, but a perception that these are not “vote Winners” among that mythical creature “Middle England” (is there a Middle Wales)?

2. We must recognise that the social responsibilities of all citizens – rich or poor – is every bit as important as advancing our rights as individuals.

Again what does that mean ? If the state is letting you down let alone abusing you, then to what extent does social responsibility extend to you? Is it not just “Obey the Government”.

3. Social mobility is no longer enough – we need to back a system of post-18 education for non-graduates and a bold plan to deliver good jobs beyond the major cities. Dan Jarvis MP suggests introducing ‘Adult Education Funds’ and ‘right to learn days’, while Anna Turley MP and Charlotte Holloway lay out how smart investment can boost their own constituencies of Redcar and Plymouth Moor View, and hundreds more like them.

Well yes but from a Welsh Point of view we could start by  stopping the call to send our brightest to Oxbridge where they do not return, and  creating Welsh Universities to rival them and for those non-graduates reinventing a second chance  partly in the mode Coleg Harlech give me, but also skilled jobs.

 The business community must be seen as a crucial partner – not an obstacle – to delivering a new kind of inclusive, 21st century growth. Trevor Phillips CBE – writing as the former John Lewis Partnership’s President – advocates reforming the Companies Act, more worker ownership and workers on boards.

I think Jeremy Corbyn has already said a Labour goverment  would do this, but we need to establish a new Cooperative movement  on the lines The Mondragon Corporation is a corporation and federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque country , something that the Welsh Assembly should be doing  not encouraging and paying money to fly by night multinational , who stay for a while and then uproot to another country for better subsidies or cheap labour,

5. We must see immigration as a market dynamic that needs to be managed. Britsh Future’s Sunder Katwala and Jill Rutter suggest reforms to freedom of movement, and it’s encouraging that Labour’s leadership is now moving in this direction.

How different , this is to the Tories and current Labour (as Kinnock suggests policy is unclear. Is there sometime new here that  addresses  the fact that we need immigration and as Scotland’s government pointed out they could be vital.

 6. We must recognise that patriotism, as opposed to nationalism, is an entirely progressive value. It is this final shift which is perhaps most critical.


 Maybe the relevant article in Kinnock’s book explains it, but I expect he means UK Patriotism  as opposed to Welsh, Scottish and Irish.

But the first thing that comes to mind is  Samuel Johnson’s “Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel”? What he’s  was calling attention to is that scoundrels, when challenged, will often use false patriotism in order to shut up their opponents. 

It is shown both the US and UK when those who oppose their governments policy  as Another way to say it is a quote from Gore Vidal  put ir

“When tyranny comes to the United States, she will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.”

What Kinnock et al, are doing is the typical Blue-Labour  tactic of proposals that at first glance are radical but  in reality a Potemkin Village an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition.

It really says nothing but it rallies Blairites, and gives the impression that they have a different “Left” alternative to Corbyn, but in reality they have nothing new to the false dawn we aw in 1997, when Tony Blair entered number 10.