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Twenty one years ago in Wales….

I think back over 21 years ago and to the referendum for a Welsh Assembly. I was living in Alltwen near Pontardawe. My son was 2 it was a September night not as cold as it is today yet I was worried. I looked at the images in the TV..there was a feel to the no campaign that I saw saw in the leave campaign nearly 20 years later. These were the proto English nationalists , the Kippers of the future, and the bigots to be. I saw them smirk and as I watched the TV they were breaking out the champagne, they were laughing, they cheered as it was announced that No was leading in 7 areas. As the night wore on I became increasingly gloomy but then in the early hours towards dawn Neath Port Talbot came through with a massive majority for Yes. All depended on Carmarthen and my spirits began to revive …perhaps it was not over..and then Carmarthen came and victory was achieved….how quickly 21 years has gone by….but the forces of reaction are still there..they never went away. .they formed the basis of the leave campaign and they will appear again as Wales seeks its own way and its own independence. Much of the block within Wales will seek to oppose and use any method necessary to oppose it’s enemies. It’s becoming unpleasant on social media and yet we can trace the origins of the Kipper polutical right back to this point in 1997. In the years that have gone by 🚩Wales has become more racist, more intolerant and more brutal…..the roots lay deep and will require much work and campaigning to remove ….the new right is still with us hidden behind cuddly images and nice persona…yet however fair and “Layman” like they seem the reality fails to hide the foul stench beneath……a d now we have the go.e grown stench of a Welsh far right nurtured in Wales and fed by some of our own ….