Do you miss the Liberal Democrats?
Well I certainly don’t miss their dishonesty, for instance claiming they are the only party opposing Brexit . whee both the SNP and Plaid have put up a more vigorous defence against it t and while Brecon and Radnorshire Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams exerts some iinfluence on the future of Wales as the Welsh Government Education Secretary, she joined with Labour, Tories and Ukip n voting to hand powers back to Westminster,
Maybe voters who are going to hear Labour claiming that Plaid will go into a coalition government with the Tories and Lib Dems  as an Assembly Government should consider that?
I don’t miss their misleading “Little Bar Charts” and only the Liberal Democrats. can beat the Tories,Labour, Plaid,SNP ahd God knows who else .
Mind you they have very few seats where based on the last election where they came second.
In last year’s  General Election they won just 4.5% of the Welsh vote and not a single MP was elected.
Jane Dodds, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, is neither an AM nor an MP but she  claimswants to see the party not just delivering a clear message on Brexit but leading the fight to tackle the modern “scourgeâ€� of loneliness.
The Lib Dems struggle to do better than 10% in UK polls but she argues her party is a natural home for pro-EU voters.

 â€œIf I’m honest, I don’t understand why all Labour voters who are remainers aren’t abandoning Labour because they really are siding with the Brexiteers.â€�

So they are pinning their hopes on a Brexit backlash but as I have already  pointed out in Wales Plaid oppose Brexit

This did not stop the Lib Dems  in the last election producing Facebook advertisements and leaflets that claimed Plaid was seeking a “hard Brexitâ€�.

In the Facebook advert, the Liberal Democrats said they were the only party “fighting to keep Britain in the Single Market at this election�.
The advert went on to say that “Plaid Cymru are backing an extreme Brexit, along with Labour, the Tories and Ukip�.
In fact, Plaid wanted the UK to retain unfettered access to the European Single Market after Brexit occurs in 2019.

The previous election in Ceredigion saw a smear against the then Plaid candidate which many believe cost him the election.

The party won just one MP in 2015 when Mark Williams held onto Ceredigion, but he was ousted last year by Plaid Cymru’s Ben Lake with a majority of just 104.
Boundary changes mean the number of MPs in Wales may be cut from 40 to 29, but Ms Dodds is determined to once again see this West Wales heartland painted yellow.
She said: 

“We are going to be fighting we hope all 40 seats – or whatever there’ll be – but we are prioritising Ceredigion. It’s the second most winnable seat in the whole of the UK…
“We’re really hopeful that Mark Williams will get back in there and so we are absolutely doing everything we can to plan for that.�

The electors in Ceredigion could see  another round of dirty tricks from the Lib Dems and smears on Plaid  Ben Lake who is proving to be a very efficient MP.

But I leave Jane Dodds to make one of the silliest attempts to mislead voters for along time and try toturn a negative into a positive.

 UK leader Vince Cable has suggested the party could be led by a non-MP.

Ms Dodds points out that Wales has already blazed this trail, and hopes that such a move could lead to greater diversity at the top of the UK party.
She said: 

“Look at us in the Welsh Liberal Democrats. We’ve already got the model of electing somebody who’s not an MP or a Welsh Assembly Member. I think that’s really positive…
“In the federal Liberal Democrats, we’ve never had a female leader, like Labour… We’ve never had a black leader so there’s potential there for greater diversity and I think that’s really exciting and energising.â€�

The reason the Lib Dems in Wales don’t have  a leader  whose an AM  or MPis because they have only one of the former whose in “not a coalition” with Labour in the Senedd and don’t have any MPs

They had to change the rules not to widen the pool of candidates , but otherwise they would not have a leader at all.

If and its a big If the Lib Dems in Wales won any seat in the next General Election he or she would soon become leader, condemning Jane Dodds to even more obscurity than exists now.