Still in the political doldrums even with both the Labour Party and Tories battling between Left and Right the Liberal Democrats may well be cursing the name of Nick Clegga as they retire to their beds at their party conference,
Small wonder that  Vince Cable has urged opponents of Brexit in other parties to join the Lib Dems to create a “more powerful force” in the centre ground of politics.
But where is the fabled “Center Ground” even Liberals divide between “Orange Bookers” Liberal Democrats who adhere more strongly to economic and personal liberal principles,and  those who more strongly identify with centre-left beliefs, such as members of the Social Liberal Forum or the Beveridge Group. Many “Orange Bookers” were, or are currently, in key leadership roles within the Liberal Democrats, including former leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and current leader Vince Cable himself.
In Denmark there are Three Liberal parties  all of whom have representation in the Danish Parliament

Venstre Venstre, Danmarks liberale parti (Left, Denmark’s Liberal Party) Centre-right, conservative liberal party.Danish Social Liberal Party Det Radikale Venstre Centrist, social liberal party.

Liberal AllianceLiberal Alliance Centre-right, classical liberal party.

So where would the  Liberal Democrats fit in there .
Poltics is not Linear and its impossible to define, just where the “Political Centre”
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When I answer the sort of quiz at election time on which party I should vote for it usually a toss up between Plaid and  the Greens.
Which is quite accurate.and I would vote Green if I was still living in London.
So the question is , can you choose a “Center ground”  between  say Jeremy Corbyn and Willaim Rees Mogg?
Bearing in mind for different reasons they both support a hard brexit.
In reality parties are coalitions especially under the First Past the Post system (FPTP) .
The Liberal Democrats claim to hold the centre is a cynical attempt to exploit a political system (FPTP), which they claim to oppose because it makes political choice easier especially for a public , misled by the right wing press.
Portrayal of Labour as Far Left by the Mail and Express, which has led to smears such as the libel that the late MMichael Foot was a Soviet Stooge a identical accusation which he had successfully sued over in the past are intended to push voters who like many left policies to the  right.
For the Liberal Democrats it is the opportunity to open their arms to  Anti-Corbyn dissents in the Labour party, but for the Social Liberals in the party would the likes of Frank Field for example be a victory for the Orange Bookers , that some will be opposing at the Liberal Democrat conference?