Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Doing this extra work has meant the downside of having less time with wife and daughter (which hopefully the extra money will alleviate come Christmas time) and that the normal family life patterns are thrown away as I start work in the afternoons and finish late in the evenings for a considerable length of time.

So in terms of television viewing things we watched together as a family are at this moment being watched by wife/daughter first and then eventually I get around to viewing it. And when I say “things” I actually mean the Welsh language soap opera Pobol Y Cwm.

I was, measured by the Sunday omnibus programmes, almost three weeks out of date. The day before however wife told me that she and daughter had watched the programme and had found out at last the question which had been intriguing us since the summer.

“Who killed Sheryl Hughes?”

In the morning daughter also mentioned this to me….in a manner of speaking.



“Who did you think killed Sheryl?”

“Hywel Llywelyn” (Estranged husband of Sheryl – Angered that she had a fling with Gethin the mechanic). My choice from the day we visited the Pobol Y Cwm studios instead of welcoming back Geraint Thomas to Wales

My daughter laughed.

The Pobol Y Cwm publicity department had suggested that there was going to be six suspects for the murder. But it soon became clear after the subsequent episodes that there were just four. And, unless the writers were playing a game of bluff and double bluff, my choice of Hywel Llywelyn was out of the question because he was in jail as the police’s chief suspect when the weapon used to kill Sheryl was found in his garden.

So it boiled down to three (spoiler alert to come. You have been warned):

1) The aforementioned Gethin, who was angered when he realised Sheryl was not going away with him and the baby to Ireland

2) Garry Monk. Gethin’s boss. Ex partner of Sheryl. Husband of Dani Monk….Gethin’s sister (This is a soap after all) who went a bit off the rails since her death.

3) Rhiannon. Partner of Gethin until he left her after the fling (which Sheryl regretted later) came out in the open. She too hated Sheryl. She is also an ex alcoholic.

I have my Saturday lunch at had at 11:30am on a Saturday morning. A few portions of pizza. Cooked because the due date was coming soon (wife/daughter scoffed the rest later). it’s a Margarita pizza. It’s alright. But I’m beginning to loathing the way pizzas make your throat dry. I now need dollops of [insert sauce here] to keep my neck happy.

Yes I’m stretching it.

It was….

Gethin the mechanic.

Now the one thing I really didn’t like about this was the reveal. After all Gethin had been calm enough to have been able to convince his sister that her husband could have been the killer. He’d also been so close to Sheryl’s mother that I was wondering whether he was going to have a fling with her as well (hey it’s a soap. Nothing is impossible).

And yet he cannot contain himself during the funeral service which he runs away from and subsequently confesses all to his sister. Is that possible? I have my doubts.

One other point. If I wasn’t (in Sunday omnibus terms) two episodes behind I’d have immediately set up a petition to have Rhiannon living with a good and decent man. Gethin being the second man she’s lived with to have turned out to be a killer. The first incidentally….a priest.

I finish my pizza. Time to brush my teeth and get ready for work. One mystery of life solved. The ultimate mystery of reality is still ongoing.

Until the next time.