Take a look at this Map which shows  what the BBC claim shows the rise  of Far Right Parties in Europe but unless you accept  (even after Brexit) the “Fog on the channel Europe cut off” line there is one clear missing piece of the jigsaw. 

That’s right where is the UK and its far right party Ukip

The BBC covers itself with the “Most recent elections tag but the one before 2017 saw UKip match  a number of other European results

Election results

House of Commons

European Parliament

and whilst Scotland can hold its head up high in never supporting  Ukip we in Wales are still shamed by electing 7 Ukip AM’s  only  2 and 1/2 years ago.

National Assembly for Wales elections

Year Percentage of vote (constituency) Percentage of vote (regional) Seats won (constituency) Seats won (regional) Seats won (total) Outcome
1999 0.0% (N/A) 0.0% (N/A) No seats
2003 2.3% (19,795) 3.5% (29,427) No seats
2007 1.8% (18,047) 4.0% (38,490) No seats
2011 0.0% (N/A) 4.6% (43,756) No seats
2016 12.5% (127,0385) 13.0% (132,138) Opposition

Yes Ukip have fallen in the Polls, but they have been replaced by the hard line Brexiters in the ruling Conservative /DUP  (Not a coalition)  government.

Boris Johnson’s latest outbursts over the Burqa  and those clustered around the  European Research Group (ERG) chaired by the odious Jacob Rees Mogg.

Dissatisfaction, cynicism and outright rejection of traditional political parties (as well as business and banking elites), many of which have been in power in Western Europe in one way or another since the end of the World War Two.This, and not far-right fervour, is arguably driving voters to stage ballot-box protests or to seek alternative political homes – to the delight of Europe’s populist parties.Members of the Greek far-right ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi)Image copyrightAFPImage captionGreece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn cannot be lumped with Britain’s anti-establishment UKIPBut they vary enormously in their political make-up from far left, to far right, to right-wing populist. They have different values and objectives.
Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece cannot be put in the same political basket as anti-establishment UKIP, which campaigns for the UK to leave the EU.
Lumping these parties together as evidence of the rise of the far right is simply incorrect.

But we can lump Germany’s AFD and the French Front National  and Ukip have flirted with both of them and I would argue any distance is because Farage at the time wanted to lead any group and not be seen as subordinate to either AFD or FN.
For the BBC it might be convenient to suggest that the UK has avoided the “Far-Right Nationalism” English Defence League anyone? But it is staring at us in the face and its only the UK First Past the Post system that has not seen open Far Right Parties elected to Westminster, but that does not mean there are MPs with these views not in the Tory government and since Brexit they are pulling the strings,