Yesterday the vile Katie Hopkins. appeared to be taking her prejudiced views and Ignorance to Wales to Cymru and Welsh Language Education


After the 2016 Nice truck attack, Hopkins stated “Islam disgusts medeclaring the statement was “entirely rational” and not Islamophobic.[64] She is in favour of a burqa ban and has labelled Islamic culture as homophobic.[65] In March 2017, Hopkins gave a speech at a David Horowitz Freedom Center event, where she attacked Muslims, declaring a “Muslim mafia” controlled areas of Britain, and labelling London Mayor Sadiq Khan as the “Muslim mayor of Londonistan”.] Calling on people to “fight for your country” against Muslims, Hopkins appeared to make a call to arms, stating that “we can commit to arm ourselves, not just with the help of the NRA,” adding “get furious and fight back”.


Hopkins is anti-multiculturalism.[70] Referencing a so-called “multicultural mafia”,[71][72] she has claimed that increased crime is directly linked to it.[73] Criticising Notting Hill Carnival in 2016, she said “I don’t buy multiculturalism at all”, claiming that a “London bubble” believed in it and “the liberal left wing press, the BBC, they love it! They can’t get enough of it.”[74] Following the 2017 London Bridge attack, Hopkins criticised “Liberals in London”, claiming they “actually think multiculturalism means we all die together”, and that they were “so desperately wedded to the multicultural illusion that [they] can only fight those who love the country the most, blame those who are most proud to be British.”[75]

White genocide

Hopkins pushes the white genocide conspiracy theory.[76][77] She has contended that immigration and multiculturalism are intended to make white people minorities.[78]Yahoo News reported it was “her intention was to ‘expose’ the white genocide” happening to farmers in South Africa.[79][80][81] She also visited to report on ‘anti-white racism’.

That is why I posted this on Twitter 

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A reminder that we share with other minorities, the hatred and prejudice of the likes of Katie Hopkin. So when she promotes Islamophobia and other vile views we should realise what side to take.

and yes I spelt her name  wrong .

I agree with Mrs Eff and I would certainly like to see more response from those  who may not be Independistas  from Liberals and the Left

It’s also why we should use Independista to distinguish where we stand Leane Wood, (and Adam and Rhun) Nicola Sturgeon and the vast majority of Plaid and the SNP are “Independistas” as opposed to “Nationalists” like Katie Hopkins.

There were many replies to Ms Hopkins

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4) What 1st hand experience can you have of the Welsh education system, or of Welsh medium? Wanna holler at me? I’m a qualified primary school teacher (and taught in a Welsh medium) and I’m an educational psychologist working in England. Hit me up, I know both systems well! ��

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Yes my eldest child has been impacted.
He’s bilingual 🤷ðŸ�½â€�♀ï¸� actually…trilingual but his 3rd language is Malay and it’s foreign and I’m an immigrant etc etc…the kind of thing you find absolutely appalling. FYI WME isn’t mandatory, it’s a choice we made.

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Lets have more replies and particularly not just those who received Welsh Medium Education but those like myself who lost out .

But also from across the boarder and out English Friends, who may have their eyes opened in that the National Movement and Independistas share thier values and it British /English Nationalism as espoused by the likes of Katie Hopkins.

We stand together no matter how far apart we may seem.