Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.On Twitter there is a Labour Assembly Member called Lee Waters who, in response to Plaid Cymru’s leadership candidate Adam Price stated that “Britishness” is not “one of the many of the many threats faced by Wales”.

The comment betrayed an ignorance of Welsh history as well as the arrogant incompetence that has signified current Welsh Labour rule. Both at national and local level which I’ve chatted about from time to time in this blog.

So let’s start with the definition of “Britishness”. The definition you need to follow here is that of former Plaid Cymru leader Gwynfor Evans who said that it was a “political synonym for Englishness which extends English culture over the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish”.

Now this may seem like a digression but bare with me. If you go into a Marks and Spencer food hall or store in Wales you might see bilingual signs, or local produce. But in essence it will be exactly the same if I walked into their equivalent stores to where my mother lives in Essex.

And so it’s exactly the same with Wales. Whilst there are certain differences, it’s still has to work to the “Britishness” tenplate no matter how damaging it could be to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the nation.

“What about devolution?” You might ask. Well under Carwyn Jones Wales has been run through the tenplate of Tony Blair. As we’ve chatted about previously current fsvourite to take over as First Minister Mark Drakeford seems to be a “Red Cairns” in his admiration for Jeremy Corbyn. The point being is that neither has/will run Wales with independence of thought. They are both tied with following British political models.

(And of course let’s not forget that both Jones and Drakeford agreed to the shameful Brexit deal surredndering their devolved powers to the weakest Conservative government I can ever recall in my lifetime)

So with an arrogantly incompetent Labour party and a Conservative Secretary of State in Alun Chucky Cairns apparently wishing that the South East of Wales is merged with the South West of England to form a “Western Powerhouse” “Britishness” is flexing it’s muscles .

And for Wales Mr Waters, it is a danger to it’s very heart.

Until the next time.