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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Firstly apologies for the short nature of this post. But I’m tapping this on my tablet as I speak as I’m on my way to Wales in the next few hours. However I wanted to chat about this now whilst the thought occurs to me.

As I understand it yesterday the National Velodrome in Wales after the current Tour De France winner Geraint Thomas. All very well you might think. Except again we have to refer back to the figure of Nicole Cooke. That is to say World and Olympic champion Nicole Cooke. The Nicole Cooke who reached the pinnacle of her branch of cycling Nicole Cooke.

The person who reached the top of her sport first and yet did not have  the velodrome named after her Nicole Cooke.

What I suspect is that no one thought of naming the velodrome after Ms Cooke. A sort of unconscious sexism.

Anyway this injustice needs to be addressed.So perhaps the Velodrome should be renamed the Cooke -Thomas Velodrome?

Just a thought.

Until the next time