The last council in north Wales to use controversial litter enforcement firm Kingdom should have “zero tolerance” of its failure to stick to the contract.That’s the view of Plaid Cymru in Wrexham, who have repeatedly called for Wrexham Council to end its two-year contract with the Merseyside-based company.

Councillor Marc Jones, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said:

“We have been told that Kingdom has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to any littering. It’s time this council took a zero-tolerance approach to a company that has broken its contract with the authority and has failed to ensure that our streets are any cleaner.
“This is why Wrexham Against Kingdom has organised a peaceful protest against the policy to take place at Queens Square in Wrexham town centre this Saturday at mid-day. We’re calling on everybody who wants to see the back of this firm, which has not dealt with serious problems of dog fouling and flytipping, to join the protest. Everybody in Wrexham should want to replace it with a strategy that will see cleaner streets and a new approach to litter enforcement.”

The council’s Executive Board refused to debate a motion by Plaid Cymru in July arguing for the ending of the contract, which is due to run until May 2019. Plaid Cymru councillors have argued that the council could either issue a 90-day notice without reason or a 28-day termination notice due to the breach of contract.Cllr Jones added:

“Either way, it’s time the Executive Board listened to the thousands of people who have been criminalised by this ineffective policing strategy. The policy has alienated a great many people, is opposed by many town-centre businesses and many councillors feel that it has done nothing to improve their communities. The only people who have benefitted from this are the shareholders of Kingdom, who have cashed in on Wrexham even after every other council in the North turned against them.”

The protest by Wrexham Against Kingdom will be led by the Cambria Band.