Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I’ve mentioned before I am until Sunday in Essex helping out my mother in a few things. But having time to spare and knowing then I’d would be able to try my hand at seeing whether I could get a ticket for West Ham’s game against Wolves on Saturday.

I took the Underground to Stratford and went through the Westfield shopping Centre on my way to the London Stadium.

As an aside I’ll say this. I’ve come to the view that I don’t like Westfield, because it’s not so much a shopping and more of a town centre in itself. I did wonder wandering through the place how many businesses outside the centre have suffered because of it, as given the number of people there when I went my views are very much in the minority.

Anyway the West Ham shop that was in the area was closed. Which meant I had to walk to the London Stadium. Past views of the high rise and the being built high rise skyscrapers in nearby Docklands. This of course included their daddy Canary Wharf. As I’d a look at that building thought “I worked near there” many many years ago.

To think in a parallel universe I didn’t move to Wales. You wonder how things turn out in your life if you made a different choice when a clear crossroads  comes along.

Anyway to the London stadium

The New Home

The gift shop was nearby. The first thing I did was to ask whether there were any tickets available…..the answer was no.

It says a lot for West Ham fans that despite being bottom of the Premier League table with three defeats in the first three days the (large) stadium is still full. I also knew that the chances of obtaining a ticket this late in the day were slim. Still it was disappointing in a “I’d expected it but still sad” kind of way.

I wandered round the shop. Was going to buy a few things but not in a stupid kind of way. I eventually left with these.

It’s Hammer Time

The book was two pounds from an original price of ten. Everyone even now uses pens. And as for the exercise book no idea why I bought that.

And yes I felt like a ten year old boy.
Ah well I just have to wait for March 9 when they face Cardiff City in Wales. I’ll be prepared then.
Until the next time.