Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I’m writing this it’s a wet Wednesday morning not in Wales but in Essex. I’m here for a few days doing a few things for my mother. Wife/daughter are back in Wales still enjoying the last embers of the summer holiday.

It marks a change from earlier in the year when I was in Essex exile for two nearly three months as my mother was so unwell in hospital she was, I’ll say it now, on the brink of death. Of course looking after my mother once discharged takes time as well. So her recovery has been remarkable and heartwarming.

That all being said. This trip I view a bit differently from the previous times I’ve come back If only because when a loved one has been so severely unwell then you view the area where she lives, the people you know and the area where you were brought up differently.

You feel all of a sudden that whilst you will never move back (Wales is where I want to live and that is that) I should try to hoard whatever memories this trip provides as if there is one thing my mother’s illness taught me is that nothing lasts forever.

If there is one thing I intend to do during this period (I’m returning on Monday) is to try and get a ticket to see West Ham play Wolves on Saturday. It won’t be the last time I’m going to see them (March 9 vs Cardiff) but it’s the first since their move from Upton Park. So that should be interesting.

I feel that in this trip  I’d be possibly saying goodbye to people and places of my past. So whilst it’s mainly helping out my mother it’s going to be important to me as well.

Until the next time.