Relections before a break…and how the brexieers could w-nk
for Brexit and Britain…….
Prepare for quietness to descend upon your feed. I am going to be taking a break till we return from Madeira. I should be back in action on Facebook on September 7 and blogging from September 10. On September 8 I am off to Leeds for the Disability Labour AGM where I am a candidate for the national executive.

The last blog post on ” Thermidor” is breaking all records with over 2500 hits over night. I have received numerous messages last night from activists both within and without the Welsh National Movement. I was in particularly agreement with Nicholas Glais observation that the danger within the movement came from the proto-fascists there who open the door to the real thing. I suspect my name will be .mud from Jac o’ the Alt Rights sycophantic followers who comment on his Bannon loving blog and his Hayek fawning UKIP lite party..
In local council by elections over night in three Tory seats. Labour significantly increased their vote and lose a third to the Liberal Democrats.
As a no deal Brexit nears and the Tory government issue preparations for it’s impact I hear on Port Talbot Debate and Argue the ultimate in denial cry ” What’s wrong with the remainers?”” It’s followed by the most narcissistic blue kipper rant that I have seen,. It is fueled by ignorance and a shocking denial that I have yet witnessed.
Thanks to the kind messages from so many for a good holiday. I have reinforced all the political groups with tough admins to aid the excellent work done by existing admins.
I will sign off from Facebook and the All Too Human Blog spot in a couple of hours. Thank you for your support and criticisms, thoughts, insights and reflections..I would particularly like to mention Paul Sambrook, Robert Francis, Paul Lloyd, Neil Wagstaff, Graham Mallaghan Phil Knight Phil Huntleyt Carim Jones, Gee Inos Jenni Jenkins, Tim Evans, Rhoda Thomas and many more. Thank you all…Madeira beckons. It will soon be time to drink wine, lay in the Sun and prepare for the coming Corbyn government. There is much to do …
I was most touched by this message ` You might have your hands full when you return from Madeira. You’ve certainly called out all your foes there! And a good thing too. I think that one vulnerability of any nationalist movement is the appeal of Fascism’simplistic solutions and black and white morality. The gradual chipping away, consensus building, educative slow burn of leftist nationalism is going to surpass the patience of many, which is so very unfortunate. And of course, the emboldened, supercharged, and well funded far right of our present day is actively seeking out those who see themselves as lone struggles in the wilderness persisting in their Cnut like exertions, people like Jac, so that it can exploit their martyr complexes by flattering them into becoming useful idiots. Enjoy a well deserved holiday, Martyn, and keep up the good political work`
From Gareth Hanford I had this touching method too its about the blog….
`Thank you Martyn John Shrewsbury. I don’t always agree with what you write but it’s a great effort. Keep it up sir x`
I can’t sign off without mention my two favorite right wingers who contribute to my thoughts and politics mostly sensibly and with humour Gareth Hanford and Mark Britton. As for the bigots and racists don’t relax I am coming for you as the Autumn Equinox nears. How few of you on the political right understand irony, satire, allegory and mischief.
Finally I have just heard on Radio 4 that Brexit may lead to a shortage of donor sperm. Perhaps the male blue kippers EU leaving devotees particularly on Port Talbot Debate and Argue and Port Talbot Political Forum could use their right hand to help the situation. Could you imagine the slogan ‘ wanking for Britain and Brexit: .Mr Rawb and Nigel Farage could do a tour and a demonstration….farewell…