In the end it comes down to your vision. Either you think that the world has enough resources to feed everyone , that we are products of our environment and therefore control our own destiny and that people wherever they come from irrespective of ethnicity, colour or belief have a role, purpose and value because of their humanity and because they are here right now.
If you do not believe the above then either consciously or unconsciously you are claiming that some are more qualified to live , experience or have things more than others. You will create an enemy our there, see the threat from the other and demand their destruction. The right across the UK screams, the Kippers shout and abuse those who see the truth. Yet Freud long ago commented that when we are confronted with an unpalatable truth our darker impulses strike back.Jung talked of the projection of the shadow onto the enemy within that is ourselves but instead is seen as the other. The truth is that if we examine the psychological research on the white supremacist, the lone wolf terrorist or shooter and the fundamentalist it’s the same, whatever ethnicity , religious belief or culture they are from. They are an aspect of the problem of masculinity, of meaning and purpose. They seek simple answers, desire paradise and want others to know their place. A simple answer will solve it all…if we leave the EU, put gay people in their place, learn the law of God, keep women in their place all will be well. If we can say things in 20 words rather than 200 words we are speaking common sense. It’s those who have doubt or are able to see complex and contradictory answers who are dealt with even more brutally they are mocked, beaten up or killed.
And that my fine bkuekipper friends what really has upset you . Perhaps none of the major activists, elected officials or members of the bluekippers would wish to do those things consciously but I ask what lurks beneath?… and that is the question.
When we treat people as less than human, then we push on a door that when opened fully leads to the gas chambers and mass extinction…of those not seen fit to live. We either except our humanity or we do not. If we do not then that is why the lone wolf , the fundamentalist and the supremacist are the same. If we can’t see that then it’s even more disturbing. To strip away our culture, conditioning and laziness is the only method we can use to allow us to see the similarities hidden deep within….as Mark Twain said the person who can read but does not is the same as the person who cannot read…and my fine bluekipper friends that is who you are ..and you reveal your ignorance… to quote from Chris Pipper of the EDL once a skinhead , always a skinhead…it says it all….and that applies from Steve Bannon late of the White House to the most minor fascist of the EDL and. to the apologists of the “libertarians” .and on to Prince Tommy…
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