Across the world, the far right is on the rise. In the UK, Brexit – an establishment project spearheaded by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson – is threatening our jobs, rights and freedoms in the name of racist scapegoating. Far right street movements, emboldened by these victories, are descending on our cities, attacking trade unionists and bookshops and demanding a society ruled by hate.
Students and young people have always been at the heart of the fight against the far right and racism – and now can be no exception. In July, together with hundreds of thousands across the UK, we protested the visit of Donald Trump and the politics of hate and division that he stands for. The Left Against Brexit speaker tour has drawn hundreds of young people, who overwhelmingly oppose Brexit.
The 2017 General Election showed that when young people mobilise, they can make a difference.
That’s why this autumn we will be touring university campuses with “Trump, Brexit and Fighting the New Far Right”  – a series of events aiming to explore, understand and discuss how to tackle these challenges head-on. Talks from academics, politicians, trade unionists and local activists will be combined with discussion and practical organising of grassroots activity for the term ahead.

Get involved!

  1. Regardless of whether you’re a student, order our freshers pack full of leaflets, posters, stickers, t-shirts and badges. Leafleting your local freshers’ fayre or running a stall there is a fantastic way to engage new people in the campaign. Email
  2. Forward this email to your local students’ union or any students you know and encourage them to take part.