Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Ok I know what you’re thinking. After having read one failure to supplant the titan of the genre of veterinary autobiography that is James Herriot why have I read another in quick succession?

Well it’s a fair question. The answer though admittedly slightly mad is simple enough. It was the next book on the shelf in the local library. As I’ve said before I intend to read every practical book in the library (when I mean practical for example if there’s a book on tending goldfish, given that I don’t have goldfish it will be avoided).

So anyway here was the book.

Marc Abraham – Vet On Call

Focusing on the vet being out of hours being the book’s unique selling point I suppose. Well the thing is it isn’t. Whether out of hours or not for the most part vet’s have to deal with emergencies so it’s not that different.

Wipe that away and you get tales of unwell [insert animals here] , life with others in the surgery, a bit of outside life and a touch of romance. Everything the Tolstoy of tortoises did before….and better.

It’s not an awful book. It just doesn’t topple Herriot.

You know if anybody ever writes a veterinary autobiography that does displace Zeus from his place in Mount Olympus, it will be a book(or a series) everybody should read. After all it would be a literary milestone. And in the unlikely event I find that book I’ll tell you all about it.

Until the next time.