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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have mentioned before  with regard to blog villain Bridgend Labour Council that they are signalling massive cuts to public services (such as libraries,leisure centres and the Bridgend Town bus station because they say of the cut in monies they receive from the Welsh government. In the local paper the Bridgend Labour leader discussed this further calling for the Welsh Labour government to increase their allocation.

Now for the purposes of this post let’s assume that this is no tactic of making noises about widespread cuts just to be able to make lesser cuts without any popular backlash. Let’s assume they’re not trying to shift blame away from themselves but to Welsh Labour government because those are the facts. Let’s also assume they haven’t managed taxpayer’s money in the past with arrogant incompetence.

All a stretch I know but bare with me.

What is interesting about this is that despite the Welsh Labour government saying that they have to make the cuts in the monies given to councils because of the cut in their allocation from Westminster the Bridgend Welsh Labour council has completely ignored that. They say they should have more money than currently allocated from the Welsh Labour government and that’s that or else the consequences will be disastrous.

They have put the blame on the Welsh Labour government.

Let’s park that fact for a moment and focus on soon to be ex First Minister Carwyn Jones, or as he will be known in a few years time “Who?”.

When he steps down from the post as First Minister he will still be the Member for the Bridgend area until the next Welsh Assembly area when he leaves office for good. So then as an Assembly Member what is his position about this Bridgend Council situation?

He will have one of two options:

1) He says that in the light of constraints by the UK government the Welsh government has to cut the allocation for Welsh councils including Bridgend. Thus if the council are to be believed supporting the cuts to essential services in the borough. A position which will make him hated within Bridgend.

2) He calls for a rise in the Welsh Government’s allocation to Bridgend council. Thus undermining the policy of the administration under his leadership.

So in essence whether by accident or design his fellow socialists in Bridgend Labour council have given the current First Minister a political Hobson’s choice.

Politicians love having a legacy when they leave office. Perhaps for Mr Jones though “Carwyn who?” might be the best route for him.

Until the next time.