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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Now before I start properly just so everyone’s aware what I’m going to chat about re the Welsh language soap opera Pobol Y Cwm refers to the last two week’s Sunday Omnibus versions and not this week’s episodes already broadcast.

So having visited the studio set last week it was time to complete daughter’s education and wife’s reeducation into Pobol. Two omnibus editions to go through. The big connecting story was the death and subsequent murder of Sheryl as I’ve mentioned previously. I’m still of the belief that her estranged husband Hywel Llewelyn did it. But I would be lying if I said I was certain. Anita, the wife’s choice, is starting to look a good each way bet.

There was no question that the best episode of the two omnibuses we watched was the first episode of the second omnibus. It went back to Sheryl’s last day alive. What it did which was different was not only to set the scene for the suspects but also how her life emotionally (as well as physically) collapsed in that twenty four hours. It’s probably the best individual soap opera episode I’ve seen in a long while (and, as an aside written by Sian Naomi, who if memory serves acted in Pobol).

Wife/daughter finished the session as confirmed fans (my work was done). They now can’t wait for the next omnibus to find out who killed Sheryl.Daughter’s favourite character is Dani Monk, wife of Gary Monk (who my wife remembered when he arrived in the soap over sixteen years ago with his sister Britt and brother Brandon – the Sunday omnibus episode where the wife first suspected she was pregnant).

Mind you, Daughter did query what was going to happen next in the square.

I put her right.

You know one of the best things about Twitter is it’s ability to lead you into routes that you would not have not normally taken. Last Sunday evening whilst wife and daughter were out I had nothing to do and Twitter mentioned that a Ladies Gaelic Football match was on between Galway and Mayo on the Irish Gaelic language channel TG4. Out of curiosity I went and found that it could be viewed online.

So there was I, watching a sport I barely knew in a language I didn’t understand….and it was fun.Not for one second implying that if I could’ve watched a football game in that time I wouldn’t have turned over immediately. But as something interesting to watch it did work for me. The novelty of the new I suppose.

Galway won. Despite (because?) of having a cemetery next to the ground and having one member of the opposing team being called Grace Kelly (I bet she gets film references being hurled at her at least once a week – eg when she’s in trouble “It’s High Noon for you Grace” – Bet she hates that too. Almost as much as when she does something well someone is bound to remark “Well that was Amazing Grace” ).

With Galway’s win I immediately decided that when it came to Irish sport I would support Mayo. No glory seeker me.

I’d time to spare yesterday so with curiosity went to TG4’s catch -up service and watched the other “Irish” sport hurling. It was an under 21 final game between Kerry and Derry. Again it was an interesting, enjoyable and different watch. I learnt that there was a skill in grabbing the ball one moment and hitting it with the stick the next. Also as I watched players running with the ball on the stick I realised that they must be brilliant at egg and spoon races.

Kerry won. Despite scoring an allowed goal whilst having a man sent off during the same play. I did not understand at all how that was possible.

So I’m a fan of, for want of a better phrase “Irish sport”. Even though for the moment I don’t know my Kerry from my Derry (although savvy enough not to enter an argument on Twitter as whether Gaelic football or Hurling is the better). So far mind you, I’ve only dipped my little toe into this. When I’m able to go deep end who knows?

But for now….Come on Mayo!

Until the next time.