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Better decide which side you are on the next election cometh …it’s personal now and most certainly collective. We know how the right will conduct the next election. We know that Nethanyanu and probably Trump with it’s alt right allies will intervene I to our general election. The Right is wounded and cornered and it will strike out viciously and violently. These present attacks are a dry run for the election to come. Let us be prepared . The election to come will be viscious and without mercy. Boris Johnson knows exactly what he is doing. He is forging an informal alliance with the alt right His meeting with Steve Bannon tells us that . The Right is a conspiracy aimed at power it will do virtually anything to stay there. It will lie, manipulate and control.

As I listen to Radio 4 I hear another pro Nethanyanu lackey lay into peace mskers. They make no mention of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers. Yet they link the ‘poor old right wing” of the Labour Party into the conspiracy they perceive. The real threat to Jews comes from the far right here. The simple point is that in the end it cones down to the side you are in. If you want a civilized society you have to join up the dots and understand the links. There is an election coming and you have to decide which side you are on. There is no middle ground. This election will be the most dirty and vile that we have yet seen. Yet the left must hold it’s nerve and be brave and resilient. It will determine the society we live in. We have a choice Socialism or barbarism….there is no other choice..but I guess we could start in small ways . Challenging the right wing narrative whenever we encounter it, explaining patiently to those taken in by propaganda what is going on . Stopping payment to the BBC of your TV licence. Using social media to resist the right and calling out the propagandists of theestablishment whoever they are and wherever they can be found. It’s personal now and I and many others will not go quietly into the darkness if the right. I would rather be a rebel than a slave . .and we must win for us all…even those who seem stupid and drugged by the opium of the right must be woken from the Matrix and liberated. We have to win and there is no alternative to that..let us begin it’s time and it’s getting late….what will you do? How will you resist? What will you say to others? Every act counts; every resistance vital, every moment is essential …every vote anywhere is vital…it’s time to resist and win…

 All you downtrodden people
Always bear the brunt
Just sit back on you fat backsides
Till you have to face the Front
Waiting till the bully boys get you
Don’t make no kind of sense
And pretty soon there’ll be no room
For sitting on the fence

You better decide which side you’re on
This ship goes down before too long
If Left is right then Right is Wrong
You better decide which side you’re on

Too bad for the gay revolution
This is as far as we get
And if you think you’re free, well listen to me
You ain’t seen nothing yet
We’re all gonna feel the backlash
Of puritanical power
And kicking us down into the ground
Gonna be their Finest Hour

You better decide which side you’re on
The chips go down before too long
If Left is right then Right is Wrong
You better decide which side you’re on