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I suppose it was inevitable that Brexit reaches a stage where  voters are so weary of Brexit that they dontcare what happens over Brexit they just want it to be over

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With a government that seems to be making  a complete hash of the negotiations  and the main opposition leadership seeming to be content to allow them to simply carry on , even when it it can come as no surprise as Brexit Fatigue sets in.

Brexit supporters are often keen to compare  Brexit to the Dunkirk or Blitz spirit and the idea that we are bravely standing alone against a European Dictatorship.

Of course what they fail to mention is that the war experience , saw voters wanting something else and they voted in 1945 not for the war leader Tory Winston Churchill, but for the “New Jerusalem” of Clement Attlee’s Labour.

Could it be that is what Corbyn has in mind? That he can be propelled into power after Brexit by a populace wanting a better life after Brexit.

Even if this happens he would do well to remember that although Attlee’s government   archived much . they still faced post war austerity  and rationing that did not completely end until 1953.

By then the Tories had been back in power and it was not until 1964 after 13 years we saw a Labour government again.

A moor likely scenario is that we will see a move to the far right as those who brought us into the inevitable disaster after Brexit  will seek a scapegoat to blame

Unless we can shift the Brexit Fatigue  that has apparently set in to a vocal opposition to Brexit and a move to stop it, we could be facing not a “New Jerusalem”  but a repeat of “The Year Without a Summer, a peculiar 19th-century disaster, played out during 1816 when the weather in Europe and North America took a bizarre turn that resulted in widespread crop failures and even famine”.

That was due to a natural disaster caused the eruption of an enormous volcano on a remote island in the Indian Ocean a year earlier had thrown enormous amounts of volcanic ash into the upper atmosphere.

This time the disaster  will be man made, and  we seem to be accepting it,