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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I write this it’s 4:25am on a Saturday. Later than I’ve woken up in the past couple of days but still of course too early.

Today then, after unforeseen and unwelcome delays I’m going to the Eisteddford. On a day which will apparently worsen in the afternoon. Timing is everything. Still I am going which is the important point.

Anyway for the moment it’s dark out there. Premiership football season is about to start. It’s one of those signs that the high point of summer is beginning to turn. You know what? I think because I’ve spent the first two months of this year looking after my mother when she was unwell I think my brain is still in June mode.

I actually have, weather permitting a plan for tomorrow. To see the Welsh Rugby League Cup Final in Sardis Road Pontypridd. One of the teams competing will be the Valley Cougars who kindly offered to take round their ground but work issues eventually prevented me from doing so. What it does mean though is that there’s a team I can support.

5:31am. Daylight peeking through. Electric light switched off.

6:02am. Breakfast. I’m in a porridge state of mind (with a dollop of jam of course). Meanwhile very sunny out there now. Not fooled though. The weather forecaster said this was going to be like this early on.

Just found out that McDonald’s are opening their first “luxury restaurant” with knives and forks and a string quartet with the meal. Baring in mind I don’t eat McDonald’s anymore my first thoughts were:

1) Just like a Wimpey’s used to do.

2) This will be every McDonald’s if there is a hard Brexit

Friends is apparently the most popular streamed show in Britain this year (not Black Lightning? A disgrace).I’ve written about Literary Switzerland when you’re neutral about a writer. Ditto Cinematic Switzerland re films. Now comes Televisual Switzerland with Friends. I don’t dislike it. Just don’t understand the passion for it. Wife/daughter love it. Must be me. Have the exact same view of The Simpsons.

Anyway time to get ready for the Maes.

Until the next time.