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Don’t be fooled Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson‘s  a column in which he had written in the Daily Telegraph. As part of an article discussing the introduction of a burqa ban in Denmark, Johnson that Muslim women who wore burqas “look like letter boxes” and compared them to “bank robbers” was a calculated move to appeal to the right wing and Islamophobic pestilence that is infecting the Western World

In response to the piece, the Muslim Council of Britain accused Johnson of “pandering to the far right”, while the Labour MP Jess Phillips said she would report Johnson to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The Conservative Party chairmanBrandon Lewis, called on Johnson to apologise for his remarks. The Conservative peer Baroness Warsi accused Johnson of indulging in “dog whistle” politics and called for disciplinary action if he did not apologise.

Not that  Johnson  will be worried 

U.S. President Donald Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon believes now is the time for Boris Johnson to challenge British Prime Minister Theresa May for her job, that Theresa May has got a lot of great qualities – I am not sure if it is the right leader at the right time,â€� Bannon, Trump’s former strategist and a key player in his 2016 election campaign, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying.

“I believe moments come. It is like Donald Trump… people dismissed him.â€�
“Now is the moment,â€� . “If Boris Johnson looks at this… There comes an inflection point, the Chequers deal was an inflection point, we will have to see what happens.â€�

Buzzfeed reported that Johnson had been in contact with Steve BannonA source who spent time with Bannon during the trip said Bannon was in private contact with Johnson while he was in Britain.

It is unclear exactly what the two men discussed, but the source said, “I’m sure they weren’t discussing the cricket scores.�
A former UK government source told BuzzFeed News that Bannon and Johnson have known each other for some time, and exchanged text messages as far back as when Johnson was foreign secretary and Bannon worked in the White House.

Since leaving the White House, Bannon has campaigned for and otherwise supported various European national populist conservative political movements. These include France’s National Front,Hungary’s Fidesz,Alternative for Germany,[the Sweden Democrats,]the Dutch Party for Freedom,the Italian Northern League, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Swiss People’s Party, the UK Independence Party, the Flemish Vlaams Belang, the Belgian People’s Party, Spain’s Vox, the Finns Party, and the pan-European identitarian movement. Bannon believes that the aforementioned movements â€“ along with Japan’s Shinzo Abe, India’s Narendra Modi, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as Trump.

All are  very nasty political parties  and  it would a a major coup for Bannon  to include a Johnson lead Conservative Party in that list a move which would see Bannon having his Alt-Right philosophy gain power in a Western Democracy (some may argue he has already succeeded  due to Brexit.
Some may well regard Johnson’s burqas column as a typical gaffe or a poor joke, others will see it as suporting thier view that the Burqa (or any other form of Islamic headdress has no place in a Western Democracy.
I think all are wrong , but what is clear Johnson (forget calling him Boris) will have encouraged those who will abuse and assault Muslim women  on the street.
If he did not foresee this he is a fool, if he dangerous one.