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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.One of life’s quiet pleasures is when you discover something you like completely by accident. That happened to me yesterday evening.

As a family we had done some shopping (which included Morrissons in Barry – Never again – Wish my phone hadn’t run out of power so I could go into detail) and returned home. We’d agreed that we’d watch a superhero movie on Netflix which we bought for the next few months to cover those moments in every school summer holiday when things are, well, dull.

Whilst considering which superhero film to choose (and the choice was surprisingly small) the phone rang. It was a friend of the wife’s.

Now there is a rule I’ve found with the wife (and I’m sure I’m not alone here that every third conversation turns out to be a marathon and not a sprint.

This turned out to be one of them.

So instead we looked at TV superhero series. Which is where Black Lightning comes in. Based on the DC comic.

Black Lightning is a retired superhero (Jefferson Pierce) and current school principal who is forced to return to crime fighting when his daughters are threatened (now obviously there’s a lot more to the plot than that.But regular readers know that I make every effort not to spoil things).

 Daughter and I watched three episodes. We were hooked.

Now the focus has been (rightly) that this is an African American family. But for fifty four year old man like me I noticed something else. For whilst the hero is younger than me. He’s older than most super heroes (not obviously including those cryogenically  out in storage Captain America style).

He has an ex wife he still loves, teenage daughters, a job. He has problems. Problems that being able to attack  villains with electricity can’t help.There is a weariness to him which we can relate to. The TV series has made him the hero for the older guy. Other than his powers and the effect on his family he lives in a world you recognise

The cast is perfect. One person stood out though. Was looking at the youngest daughter and thinking “I know her from somewhere”. Even the wife stopped her conversation and said the same thing.

It was daughter who provided the answer. She was a star of a Disney channel sitcom. The sort of sitcom that daughter begged you to watch with her when she was too young for you to say “Sorry. I’d rather watch the football” .

And you know you’re getting old when you remember such a star in a Disney Sitcom when now in Black Lightning she’s drinking, smoking and talking about sex!

So older guys. A superhero for you and me has arrived. Enjoy it.

Until the next time