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There doesn’t seem to be anything of the opening debate of the Plaid Leadership Contest  on the Wales Online  website, despite it being the outlet for the Wasting Mule and South Wales Echo, so those who didn’t attend need to look elsewhere.

BBC Wales resorts to a headline grabbing 

The road that Plaid Cymru is on will end in defeat, a party leadership hopeful has said.
Adam Price told party members the party is “at a crossroads” and there was no option but to be candid.

Adam. is a skilled communicator,  but if Leanne wins and leads the party into the next Assembly elections he has handed Plaid’s opponents weapon that they will ruthlessly exploit and he will have to come up with a pretty nifty bit of rhetoric to argue Plaid can win the 2001 campaign.

The BBC tells us

He was speaking at the party’s leadership election launch on Tuesday, along with rival candidates Leanne Wood and Rhun ap Iorwerth.
Ms Wood and Mr Iorwerth dismissed his proposal to rename Plaid as the New Wales Party .
His idea was dubbed “superficial” by Ms Wood, while Mr ap Iorwerth said he would concentrate on “more fundamental things” if he became leader.
Mr Price, who represents Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, promised a “new independent state with a new state of mind” if he was elected as leader.
Ms Wood, party leader since 2012, said members should not bet against her winning, saying the party needs to be “better at campaigning and stop trying to please everyone”.
Mr ap Iorwerth, who previously said he had no plans to enter the race, added that the party needed to sharpen its focus.
The Ynys Mon AM said there was “no point having ideas and vision unless it is communicated”.
Plaid Cymru said it expected to announce the winner of the leadership contest on 28 September, one week before the party’s autumn conference.

 We have at least Nation Cymru to thank for more coverage

In a live blog from the hustings they concluded

Three very different speeches. Leanne’s speech was aimed very squarely at the Eisteddfod crowd, delivered entirely in Welsh (unlike the other candidates who did half and half) and mostly about the Welsh language.

A bit unfair.  Leanne when she was first elected leader was the first  non-welsh speaker to lead the party, its quite an achievement for her to launch her defence in that manner

Nation Cymru continues

Adam Price’s and Rhun ap Iorwerth’s speeches were both naturally on the theme of the need for change and the importance of communication.Rhun tried to prove his ability to communicate effectively with the public by delivering a very crowd-pleasing speech that garnered a lot of applause.Of the two, Price was much more dire in his predictions of what would happen if the party did not change course. There was something of the fire and brimstone preacher – we faced damnation if we did not change our ways! His speech was much more cerebral.So who did best? I’m not sure it’s easy to tell, as all three were clearly trying to achieve something very different.

Hopeful we will see better coverage  and the candidates expanding their case on social Media

We do have  Adam Price for Leader and if you know  the campaign websites for Leanne and Rhun let me know.

I am not a Plaid member because I want to keep this Blog Independent, but for those who are supporters and especially members , who cannot attend the hustings they are going to have to look elsewhere than the Wasting Mule and BBC Wales for  their information.