Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Been a while since I’ve chatted about a book I’ve read, which was remiss of me. Yesterday though finished The Restless Dead by Simon Beckett.

To be honest I’ve mixed views of this crime novel. I constantly felt as if I’d read similar things before. Did not feel that reader sensation of “Oh this is different”.

Perhaps I can explain that more clearly by summarising the plot as follows:

Troubled medical guy investigates a series of murders.

Enough said re the storyline.

And the other thing is this: I’ve learnt as a reader that when the blurb (not any included reviews) compares the author to another writer then the book, though not necessarily bad, is not one you’d remember till the end of your days either. In this case the line is: “With forensic detail to rival Kathy Reichs”.

To be fair though it is readable. And I particularly liked the way Mr Beckett was able to end most chapters with a twist. As if these chapters in the audiobook would have ” Dah Dah Daah” for emphasis.

Regular readers will know how I’ve illustrated the urban tragedy that is Bridgend Town thanks to the incompetence that is the Welsh Labour council there. You might remember one of my oldest bugbears revolves around the town centre library, which the council moved (with EU funding!) to a place nine minutes away from the town centre. Thus making Bridgend probably the only town in Britain where the town centre library is away from the town centre.

Well I was speaking to someone recently and the subject of Bridgend Town came up. I mentioned in passing the library moving away from the town centre. The person was surprised. The person thought that the library had closed altogether after fancying after a break to borrow some books (months after the move) only to find that that the doors were shut (It’s now. It needs to be said an Arts centre)

Now you might ask why the person just left it that. The answer is simple. Given the swathes of empty outlets in the town the assumption was made that it was a library closure. That was not then unreasonable particularly given the closed down premises in that street (Wyndham Street) alone.

Of course, and I acknowledge this, that this story is anecdotal. But I would guess that it’s not exceptional. You have to wonder how many people stopped going to a library on this mistaken belief of closure brought on by the atmosphere of urban tragedy that is Bridgend Town.

The Welsh Labour Council should really apologise.

But you know they won’t .

Until the next time.