Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.In my new found position in Twitter of “Tory Shill” for suggesting that given their rule in Wales of arrogant incompetence Plaid Cymru was a better party for people to join than Welsh Labour I should perhaps back off talking about them now.


Today is apparently “Socialist Sunday” on Twitter where Labour people join together. Now let’s for the moment leave what defines a “Socialist”. After all you could be a socialist and be a member of Plaid Cymru because you believe in independence for Wales rather than stay in  the Union. For the purposes of this post “Socialist” will mean Labour.

But in Wales Welsh Labour is the government in the devolved administration and many local government councils. It is “the establishment” and, as I’ve documented as best as I can, has, in the present day anyway, made a rubbish job at it.

The classic image of “a socialist” is a person using everything they have in their disposal to fight for Working families. In Wales they apparently fight for their political position first. Any other benefit is an added bonus.

In Wales Labour does not fight for working families. It simpers and makes soothing words but rarely actually fights (in fact the one exception I think of was Tata Steel and that was probably because of the UK wide publicity it engendered as well as the protests by the Trade Union movement. The trade Unions were the ones who really led this here. Welsh Labour just followed).

More typical of a Welsh Labour response is that of the closure of the Virgin Media call Centre in Swansea which on Thursday the media giant confirmed will take place. Where was the fight from Welsh Labour and the local MP beyond warm words for the 800 people who will lost their jobs?

The Welsh government’s response was that the decision to close the call centre was “disappointing”. Disappointing!! 800 people will lose their jobs and that’s the best the Welsh Government can say? (Well to be fair it also says it will try to support the families affected. And so it should. But that is it).

Socialists of the past would have fought the decision. including organising a boycott of Virgin Media in Wales (as I’ve suggested in this blog before. Can be done. They wouldn’t be missed. There are alternatives).

No such action. Welsh Labour have just simpered to Virgin Media. What is especially worrying is this. Let’s assume that the Dark Hard Brexit of the Soul Happens with all the consequent job losses What will Welsh Labour do then? Chances are their relative inaction re Virgin Media is a precursor of must worse to come for people and their families.

Until the next time.