Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well it’s as I write this 5:51am on a Sunday morning. Though I’ve actually woken up an hour before. Slowly the weather is turning. Summer now but daylight is showing it’s head later than normal.

Tell you what I’ve been called various things on Twitter but never a Tory Shill before. It was from a Labour party supporter saying that Plaid Cymru and not them was the party for me given my experience and knowledge of the arrogant incompetence of Welsh Labour.

So to put it another way. I must be the only person to be accused of being Tory for supporting Plaid.

My first thought was “Well he hasn’t read my blog” (yes I know vain). But then it occurred to me that it personified Labour arrogance. As if only Labour can help the poor and downtrodden in society. Yet in Wales as we’ve previously discussed they’re part of the establishment. They’re also therefore part of the problem.

And here’s a question. Anuerin Bevan, founder of the NHS rejected Welsh Nationalism as a backward and reactionary movement. But in the light of Britain of today, where the Westminster elite (even a Corbyn one) rule Wales as a colony and given the bloated and uncaring state to their voters of Welsh Labour. Is there a possibility that he would consider Plaid now? Worth a thought.

I’ve seen a number of tweets from people who say they want to immediately get out of the United Kingdom for an independent Scotland/Wales. I myself have said that in the scenario of a dark hard Brexit of the soul it might be the best option for Wales if the consequences of staying in the UK are worse.

What’s interesting is that I’d predict now that the very people who would argue against Scotland/Wales crashing out of the UK are the same who’d wet themselves at Britain crashing out of the EU.

And now soft drink news:

Coca Cola have brought out new flavoured colas. There’s “Feisty Cherry” (which doesn’t seem to taste that different to normal cherry cola), “Peach” (which tastes nice in the beginning but gets flat after a while) and “Exotic Mango”.

Now Exotic Mango for some reason gets to me. After all in Britain surely all mangoes are exotic? Marketing gone to level stupid.

Sunny out there. Not sure what I’m going to do. There is a 10KG fun run in Barry island today. But to be honest the words “fun run” don’t seem to make sense in English.

Right wife awake. Time to go for now.

Until the next time.