Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.You may remember a few posts back I chatted about waiting for the washing repair man? Well after a few trips the machine was pronounced finally dead early this week. And today (Friday) a day I’m not at work will be partly spent waiting for the machine to be delivered then installed. Another waiting for moment begins. Nothing I can really do until this is done.

So it’s 7:45am. And the wait begins.

I do know what I’ll be doing once daughter has woken up and gotten herself together. I’ll have to watch more episodes of series one of Supergirl now she seems to have entered a comic book kick. Judged on the first episode it’s not The Flash. Thing is The Flash took me back to when I was a child and enjoying the wonder that comic books (I refuse to call them “graphic novels”) provided. Supergirl doesn’t do that. I look at it through the weary eyes of a fifty four year old man.

I’m not saying that Supergirl is bad, and obviously I’m not the target audience. It’s just not for me.

And further to this Superhero/heroine summer that it has apparently become will be going with daughter to see the Antman and the Wasp movie later today. Of course I say “intention” a lot of things are going to depend on the Washing Machine delivery today.

9:04am. Machine delivered. Hurrah. Now have to wait for the installer.

In the meantime mail has come. Swansea Grand Theatre’s shows for Autumn/winter. Apart from an evening with John Hartson (the only ex Arsenal player whose performance for West Ham was just as good) it’s of no interest to me. For the wife there’s a dance show by ex-Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole. Email her. Ask if she’s interested.

You know one of the best things about Twitter is it’s ability to remind you of things. Just seen a clip of Terry Jones interviewing the writer Angela Carter in an eighties programme called Paperbacks. It reminded me that not only was Jones an actor (of course in Monty Python) but also a writer and skilled presenter. He had intelligence, knowledge and wit. The Stephen Fry of his day. It makes the fact that he’s currently suffering from Alzheimer’s even more of a tragedy.

10:45am. I get a call. It’s my mother. Much as I love to chat about life, the universe and everything to her. Much as she has many considerable talents. She’s doesn’t install washing machines (though to be fair neither do I).

11:50am. Daughter still not awake. Had a very late night yesterday so unworried. Will wake her up at one. Meanwhile no installer and I’m hungry. Salami sandwich time nearly and a cup of tea.

12:33am Daughter awake. After she has a shower and dressed will be watching Supergirl Series One whilst hoping the installers will come and relieve me of this wait.

Until the next time