Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.The thing about leadership competitions for political parties where that party is also running the country is that candidates to be noticed don’t really say “Let’s keep things as they are. We’re doing such good a job” but instead advocate even to the slightest level change.

So the contest to succeed Carwyn Jones as leader of Welsh Labour and therefore the next First Minister of Wales is no different in this regard. Already we have the current favourite and Corbyn disciple Mark “Red Cairns” Drakeford strongly suggest that Wales will become a lapdog of a London Labour government (as opposed to the Jones administration that basically worshipped on the altar of Blair).

Now another candidate Eluned Morgan has stated that should she win the contest that she’d create a minister for North Wales. Stating that there had been “a failure to connect” with parts of the North compared to other regions.

Let us for this post ignore the question of how administratively speaking she would be capable of doing this. After all surely that would involve stepping on the toes of other minister’s responsibilities? Or is she actually proposing a devolution from a devolved assembly? It does for the moment seem like an idea that sounds good but is not thought through.

What it does reveal is that Carwyn Jones’ “steady as she goes” policy of running Wales has been a failure and is now revealing itself to the nation as such. I’ve said before but I feel it’s worth repeating that the First Minister’s one real skill was as a politician and that left him after the death of Carl Sargeant.

What Ms Morgan is essentially saying is that Welsh Labour does not have a coordinated plan for North Wales. I’d argue that Welsh Labour does not have a coordinated plan for Wales as a whole.

I have never been to North Wales. But I live in South Wales and have regularly visited the West of the country. And what I can tell you is that areas of affluence are surpassed by areas of poverty or by areas that can be described as JAM (Just About Managing). Port Talbot, Bridgend, Ebbw Vale, The South Wales Valleys will all fall into these categories.

So indeed (taken as a whole) would Cardiff. Yes Cardiff. Relatively recently in this blog I’ve chatted about the decline of the city centre

These JAM areas would be venerable to an economic downturn. Like say a long dark hard Brexit of the soul. The sort of scenario that Welsh Labour has not planned for.

So you see Ms Morgan’s idea fails because everywhere in Wales needs attention. Welsh Labour has failed everybody everywhere because of their arrogant incompetence. What Wales needs is a proper government for all of the people all of the time.

And currently it hasn’t got it.

Until the next time.