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Every band needs that certain something that enables them to stand out and then with a fair wind and a bit of luck audiences build and the momentum propels them forward to more gigs, radio play and album sales. Ofelia have two things in particular that mark them out amongst their peers; strong original material and exemplary and exquisite harmonies. This EP sees a definite step forward for the band who have come a long way since their debut ‘The Collier’s Compass’. The songs are more sophisticated, the arrangements more developed and the harmonies are faultless. There also seems to have been a slight shift from the English folk scene towards America with distinct echoes of country rock artists such as Crosby, Stills & Nash. The shift isn’t seismic but it is significant most noticeably on ‘Blind’ which possesses a beautiful and heartfelt sense of loss. The most commercial song here is ‘Hollywood’ which is a fine ‘feel good’ song that might benefit from a bigger band arrangement including full drums and percussion. ‘Rue Brizeux’ is a strong collection of songs that should consolidate their position on the Welsh music scene and will hopefully open more than one or two doors beyond these shores.