Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.A short post this. But something occurred to me which I felt I needed to write down. If you know it already ….apologies.

As I suspect regular readers will know. I enjoy Twitter. It’s never a dull moment even when you’re in argument with someone from across the globe.

Sometimes though it will even in the cause of arguments throw up issues that cannot be addressed properly in Twitter and need a longer platform to chat about it. So here is the latest one (though I must admit I’ve seen this before – just didn’t consider writing about it).

I was arguing with someone on Twitter that, whilst acknowledging that the process would need planning and that mistakes will be made, Wales would be better as an independent nation. His response, basically was “but Wales would not be able to compete with the fifth largest economy” (England).

Now I didn’t bother to check what he said about England being the fifth largest economy. That doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What this Unionist (and others I’ve seen) are trying to say is that a post independent Wales would be poorer compared to England.

The argument against it is simple. It really doesn’t matter whether an independent  Wales would be poorer compared to England.

Because it’s the wrong comparison.

The correct comparison is whether an independent Wales would be poorer compared to it’s current position as Westminster serf. Any logical response would be yes. Remember Wales is currently low in many economic and social league tables whilst still part of the United Kingdom. Therefore a situation where Wales can improve it’s own destiny can only be beneficial to the economy and the people living there.

So remember if a Unionist tries to put this comparison with England argument with you.

It’s a trick.

Until the next time.