Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.If Plaid Cymru supporters feel a bit deflated by recent events. There are always the Conservatives ready to help out and remind them why they became members of the party and the second class (no third class really – Scots and the Northern Irish currently seem to get the better deals) that Wales has become.

Because of a ministerial reshuffle there was a vacancy in the Welsh Office. Who did Theresa May pick as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales? Well cometh the hour cometh the Mims o’clock in the form of English Conservative MP Mims Davies. And when I say “English Conservative MP” I mean to say “English Conservative MP for an English Constituency“, Eastleigh

Other Welsh Conservative MPs were available. But apparently they were not good enough to meet the high exacting standards set by Theresa to work with the Conservative Cymru Chief Cheerleader that is Alun Chucky Cairns.

So then what are the Welsh qualifications that Ms Mims has that supplanted others you would have thought were better suited? Well apparently she “studied (Swansea University it appears) lived and worked there” according to her Twitter account.

That’s rubbish. In fact that betrays her ignorance about Wales. I could say I lived in England until 1997, which is true. But it doesn’t mean I have an expertise of England because I lived in London and Essex. So she might know about Swansea (though bet that’s changed since she last went there) but what does she know about Wrexham? Or the South Wales Valleys? Or Anglesey?

The tweet that she “studied, lived and worked there” actually is quite damning therefore because it treats Wales as a region, when it’s a country. Whether it’s through ignorance or design it shows what a low opinion she actually has of Wales.

She also, and this needs to be noted, voted against more powers for Wales and for Wales to have a say in the Brexit negotiations (Like to be a fly on the wall when she speaks to Welsh Industry.

And it gets even worse than that. Because she will still be a government chief whip as well as a minister in the Welsh Office. It means that whilst (along with her constituency work) you can marvel at Ms Mims’ multi-tasking skills the office of Under Secretary of State for Wales is a part time job.

The icing on the cake? On the same Twitter account she mentions the book she’s packed on her recess trip Never Greener by Welsh comedy writer and actress Ruth Jones. I’ve never read it but I feel I have to now. This is the impression she’s using of Wales then. I despair….then I get angry….which is why I joined Plaid Cymru.

I mentioned some months back that Virgin Media should be boycotted in Wales following it’s decision to close down it’s call centre in Swansea. Nothing changes from that view. Except I feel it even more every time I see a Virgin Media ad on the TV or on billboards or on Twitter. In fact on Twitter every time I see a Virgin Media ad I tweet back reminding them of the Swansea 800. Yes I troll them. Politely you understand, but yes I troll and am proud of it. They need to be constantly reminded of the misery they’ve caused. Personally I would encourage (politely I stress) other people to troll them as well.

Wales does not need Virgin Media. There are alternatives. They should be boycotted in Wales.