Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well yesterday the wife’s birthday went well. We decided to drive along the countryside of the Vale of Glamorgan and find an isolated pub for lunch. That was the plan. But through a combination of missed turnings, packed car parks and a pub too close to the effects of the muck spreading season to enjoy breathing let alone food we eventually found ourselves in the small village of Southerndown. Not that far away from Bridgend…..where we used to live….yes I know.

Our meal was at the Three Golden Cups. Daughter and me has lasagne and chips. Wife had a chicken and leek pie with vegetables. We loved it. Once we finished though we felt that a post lunch walk was needed before we did anything else (that anything else turned out to be a quick trip to Lidls).

From where we had our meal the sea was close. In normal times we knew that it was prone to being extremely windy because of it (there’s a golf course in the village – that must be fun in bad weather). But as it was still heatwave (a little cooler but that’s just in comparison) week five these times in oh so many ways could not be described as normal.

Anyway we decided to have a walk from the pub to the cliff edge overlooking the beach.

So let’s start with a view of the sea once you crossed the road from the pub.

Very Bright. Very Med looking

And there’s this as we walked along

Really you can expect a shepherd walking along with his flock shortly

As we approached the sea it was the clearest blue.

Remember this is the South of Wales not the South of France

And for the most stunning picture I took of the day I give you this.

Breathe Deeply

The sign in Welsh incidentally is warning people to be careful of the cliff edge. And then gives people the number of the local Samaritans. Which obviously and sadly speaks for itself.

So then you will ask. Why have I bothered to write about a short walk on a hot day in a little village in South Wales? Am I being smug? Well look again at the pictures. They have something in common.

The grass is not the green, green grass of home.

The grass is drought yellow.

Here’s one last picture.

Farmyard Animals Eating Off The Scraps Of Grass They Can Find

This is not the South of Texas folks. This is South Wales. If this continues it will get worse for us all.

Something is very, very wrong.

Until the next time.