Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well, though it’s too early in the morning, is the wife’s birthday. She’s asleep. As is daughter. Nothing to do until either of them wake up (or if I did do anything it would be likely I’d wake that I might wake them up). So here I am tapping away.

We are, both of us, not of an age to go out in the evenings normally. So the plan is for us (plus daughter) to have lunch in one of the pleasant pubs in the Vale of Glamorgan countryside. It is dull I’d admit but it is a plan. And let’s face it Tuesdays is not the best day for your birthday to fall on.

Yesterday I wrote about the oncoming possibility of a dark hard Brexit making me seriously consider stockpiling food. I mentioned that if there were food shortages there might be civil unrest. Well let’s be clearer about it. I see three possible sources of civil unrest. From the hungry, from the far right and from those angered that Brexit has not turned out to be what the Leave campaign promised. To those high profile Brexiteers I say this. Hire security guards. Because trust me you will be hated. I’m not advocating violence. But when you see the possibility of something happening you should not avoid mentioning it either.

Mind you I have a plan for Boris Johnson. Perhaps he should have straight swap with Iran for Nazarin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the journalist imprisoned there whose case he bungled. Win win I’d say. He wouldn’t be missed.

By the way with regard to Boris Johnson and David Cameron shouldn’t Eton apologise for their education of them given how rubbish to the United Kingdom they’ve turned out to be?

And according to an article in the Daily Mirror the world’s Most Wanted could slip into Britain in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Economic turmoil, food shortages and criminal gangs. Brexit seems to get better and better and better!

For Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the option of independence is there. Something not available for England. Which is why if a hard Brexit occurs England will be the country at most risk of takeover from the far right.

Listening to France Musique at the moment. Make that what you will Brexiteers. Yesterday whilst of the nation was watching Love Island I was listening to (amongst others) a song called “Reggae Cymraeg” on  Radio Cymru. Make that what you will.

This is the week of the Royal Welsh Show. A few weeks time it’ll be the Eisteddford in Cardiff (I’ll be going to that). Aside from the Welsh element what’s the connection? That they will have a lot of coverage on the Welsh language channel S4C. Now I’m not saying they shouldn’t have this coverage but that it illustrates again the need for S4C to have another channel. If you’re not interested in agricultural shows (two thumbs pointed at this guy) there is no Welsh language alternative on TV. You have to go on demand instead.

Remember the posts I wrote about the dumping of radioactive mud from the Hinckley Point nuclear power station to Cardiff Bay? Well apparently the Welsh Labour government has offered to take in any nuclear waste from anywhere in the disunited kingdom. Leaving aside the implications of yet again Welsh Labour has allowed bad things to happen to Wales the first real question is Where will this waste go to? We should be told. And I tell you what. I’ll be in any demonstration against it (for what my presence is worth).

Well wife’s awake now….here we go…”Happy Birthday to you….Happy..” Well you know the tune.

Until the next time.