Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As regular readers of this blog will know, Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns is a blog villain from the moment he called Italians greasy wops. So don’t expect calm unemotional words about this man from this blogger who has Italian ancestry.

This morning the poison dwarf was interviewed on BBC Sunday Politics programme which I caught whilst channel surfing. He was asked about the naming of the Second Severn Crossing to the Prince Of Wales bridge (which I’ve discussed on the blog previously) and the opinion polls showing unpopularity for the name change despite previously claiming that he represented the “silent majority” who supported it.

The response of Ant brain was stunning. These polls were carried out he said only in Wales.

And whilst this needs to be dissected. Let’s be absolutely clear here. How many people saw that and wondered whether Chucky was also referring to his ministerial job.

But anyway let’s examine it. And it won’t take long. When he said that “silent majority” remark I doubt that there was anybody who didn’t assume he was talking about Wales. So his sudden consideration for English opinion has a credibility problem even if it is true.

And what if the opinion on the other side of the bridge is different?  So what? If there was a poll on a GB football team the results could be different for each home nation but they wouldn’t be lumped together to make the majority view. Each nation’s views would hold equal weight. Same with this bridge that straddles England and Wales. Chucky should know this and probably does but seeks to avoid this because it doesn’t fall within his narrative. After all his job is Secretary Of State for “Only Wales”.

His job is to fight for the interests of people in Wales. Not for his own self interests in defending his career.

Before I can make a suggestion on how we can all help Chucky with his ministerial ambitions (sarcasm a go-go) let me make one other point. Quite obviously deliberately Chucky made it clear that the decision for the name change had the full support of the Welsh government and can’t give a damn anymore soon to be ex First Minister and Demob happy Carwyn Jones. You cannot escape the feeling that Jones was played by Chucky Cairns. A small footnote for the First Minister’s political career, but a telling one nonetheless.

What I believe is that Chucky’s heart is not in the ministerial post he’s in. He wants to bestride the world stage like a colossus and not the pygmy state he’s currently feeling. So perhaps we could all remind him of his actual job by calling him the Secretary of State For Only Wales from now on.

Just a suggestion.

Until the next time.