Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I’m writing this it’s 6:07am which is rather late for my normal insomniac posts (though have been unwillingly awake for about an hour) but as for reasons I won’t bore you with am unable to post something tomorrow and though I will post something Sunday it won’t be early in the morning so I thought well might as well do it today.

And yes there is still a heatwave. Some days are hotter than others but it’s still there. Relentless. And the thing is we’re getting used to it. Mind you have seen the weather for next week….and it’s going to be hotter.

And more and more the issue about Welsh water being used to supply England comes into the fore. Let’s be clear here. Whoever (and it wasn’t me) who said that water was a Welsh natural resource and could be used as a catalyst for Welsh nationalism in the same way that North sea oil helped the SNP in showing that Scotland could survive as a nation was onto something. Again it appears that Welsh resources are being ripped apart to sustain England. It’s already causing resentment. And it will fester.

It seems (just to borrow the BBC Radio Wales line about the World Cup) the water’s all English now.

Just imagine a scenario where many Welsh people find it difficult to pay their household bills but find Welsh water flowing into England. That will create social unrest. Wales could be the first country in Europe where political change was caused by water, and by definition climate change.

I also have a cold. Don’t think it’s hay fever. Just a cold. Serious enough of course. I am a man.

Came home from work last night to find Blair being interviewed on Newsnight. Let’s be clear (I think I’ve written this before but it’s worth repeating). His youthful looks and voice have gone. No one trusts him. A minority worship on his altar. Most hate him. The power of the painting in the attic has long since gone. The man is Dorian Grey personified

Quick Welsh political news: Former Conservative leader Andrew R T Davies and Andrea Leadsom Leader of the House Of Commons are hosting a dinner in the Copthorne hotel Cardiff on the 26th July.

My first thought when I heard this was that was interesting that a revival of Little and Large was taking place. Though in the cause of gender equality Ms Ledsom was taking the Sid Little part (an improvement let’s be clear on her current role as glorified office manager).

It costs £30 for this experience. Something I probably would describe as danger money. The other question is why Alun “Chucky” Cairns, Secretary of State For Wales and man I would trust about as far as I could see him isn’t attending. So unlike him not to appear in a pointless costly occasion.

Plaid Cymru are doing well in recent council by elections (which is pleasing to see). The sooner this leadership election is dealt with the better.

With my West Ham United cap on let me say the signing of Jack Wilshire bothers me. With the one exception of John Hartson I cannot think of a single ex Arsenal player in my lifetime whose performance was just as good in the claret and blue. We shall see. But I have my worries.

Anyway time to go.

Until the next time (that being Sunday)